Our Services

Our Services

When you get a membership with us you can enjoy the following benefits

Monthly Weekend Getaway to Exotic destinations (Charter aircraft non-stop)

You get to experience the best in flying with our chartered aircrafts that gives you all the luxury and comfort that you deserve. Forget the hassle of transit as all your flights are chosen to be non-stop.

You can also choose from a host of VIP trips that were once only available to VIP Players. What’s even better, our charter flights are escorted by our very own casino hosts.

Limousine pick-up

Enjoy our free pick-up from the airport in a chauffeured stretch Limousine and a drop back to the airport for your journey back to home. There’s more! You are welcomed with a fine complimentary drink when you board the vehicle.

Hotel room and suite reservations all over the world

We have tie-ups with some of the best hotels in the world and most of them also have their own casinos where you can play. You can also choose from some of the best suites that are especially allocated for casino players like you.

Dinner reservations

Dine at some of the finest restaurants and enjoy a variety of cuisines at our destinations. In addition to the free dine-in that comes with your package you can also choose from more options at discounted rates.

Shows, concerts, sporting events, Casino tournaments

Junket trips don’t have to be centered around gambling and you are free to enjoy yourself with offers and discounts for events and happenings at your destination city. Of course this will also include some great casino tournaments.

Private parties and special events

With our membership you also become automatically entitled to private parties and various special events in the locations.

Full-service travel agency for flights and packages associated with our Partners

When you choose from our partners, you get to enjoy full-service travel agency for all the flights and packages.